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Term Dates

Surrey School Holiday dates can be found in the attached files.

Please also note the following...

INSET days when school will be closed:

Friday 20th March 2020 (NEW INSET DAY) *

Wednesday 22nd July 2020

Tuesday 1st September 2020

Friday 18th December 2020

Monday 4th January 2021

Friday 28th May 2021

Wednesday 21st July 2021

*Please note:  Original INSET day Monday 1st June 2020 has been changed to Friday 20th March 2020

Alteration to this year's May Bank Holiday date:

The Public holiday originally scheduled for Monday 4th May 2020, has been changed to Friday the 8th May 2020 in order to co-incide with VE Day celebrations.


  1. School Term and Holiday Dates 2019-2020 (Amended for VE Day)
  2. School Term Dates 2020-2021