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Lunchtime Arrangements

From September 2014, every child of Infant School age will be entitled to receive school meals free of charge. At Trumps Green Infant School we will presume that your child will be having school lunches unless you notify us otherwise that your child will bring a packed lunch.  Please give half a term’s notice of any change in lunch arrangements for your child.


We have several pupils who are at risk of anaphylactic shock if they were to come into contact with any nut products. Therefore we do not allow any nut or nut products in school.

Packed lunches must be provided with a named lunchbox and a ‘leak proof’ flask with straws if needed. All uneaten food will be returned home in the lunchbox daily. 

The children are supervised during lunchtime by our team of midday supervisors. (Teaching Assistants). Lunches are staggered.

Food and Nutrition at Trumps Green School

As parents we all want our children to grow, develop and learn well. Food and nutrition is important in ensuring this. The following offers parents some information on lunch and snack arrangements at our school.

School Menu

Our school meals are cooked at Manorcroft School with at least 80% of dishes being homemade.  We follow the Surrey County Council three-weekly menu plan which is changed every six months.  Twelve15 (Formerly Commercial Services) were awarded ‘Gold’ Food for Life Served Here award in 2015 for the meals served in our primary schools.

Special diets are available on completion of a special diet request form available from the school office.

For details of the current menu please go to the Lunch Menu page of our website or follow this link to

Packed Lunches

There are many sources of ideas on packing a healthy lunch, in short the guidance recommends that it should contain :

  • a starchy food for energy (wholegrain bread, potatoes, pasta, rice, couscous)
  • a protein food for growth (meat, fish, eggs, cheese, beans, peas)
  • fruit, vegetables, salad for essential nutrients (fresh or dried fruit, salad items)
  • a dairy food for calcium (milk, cheese, yogurt, fromage frais)
  • a drink for hydration (water, milk, fruit juice, smoothie or yogurt drink)

Foods with high salt, sugar or fat content should be minimised where possible (crisps, high fat spreads, cakes and biscuits, chocolate items, white bread).  Due to nut allergies in the school we cannot allow any products containing nuts.  Our policy is that no sweets are permitted in lunch boxes.

Please follow the link below to the Change4Life website which offers some ideas on healthy options for packed lunches:

Playtime Snacks

Children are offered fruit and vegetable snacks at morning playtime, and are welcome to bring a healthy snack or drink from home.  School playtime snacks include satsumas, apples, pears, carrots, raisins, bananas, tomatoes and strawberries, and there is enough for at least one per child.  Our policy is that no sweets or chocolate are permitted.