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Homework is a meaningful experience when it is shared with an adult, ideally at a relaxed time.
At Trumps Green, homework activities are provided to support and develop skills and concepts that have been introduced in school.

Literacy Activities

Speaking and Listening is a key element of the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum and the English National Curriculum.

It is valuable to take the opportunity to talk about what your child has learnt.

Some questions to ask may be:

  •  Tell me about the letter sounds you have learnt today.
  •  What things did you learn In Literacy today?
  •  What did you learn about numbers?
  •  Tell me about the people you worked and played with today.
  •  Did you make anything today? Tell me something about it.
  •  What did you learn on the computer?

Reading Together

Books are sent home daily. Each new book is recorded in your child's Reading Diary and we encourage parents to sign and comment when they have read together.

The “Reading Together” leaflet received when your child starts school gives you specific guidance for a meaningful shared reading experience. If you would like another copy, do let the class teacher know.

Phonics and Spelling

These are sent home weekly. The  Reception children will be introduced to several new phonic sounds each week. These will be recorded in their individual Phoneme Books which are brought home daily to practise at home.

Use of Phoneme Books continues throughout Year 1 with new 'phoneme families' being introduced each week.
Spellings will also be sent home weekly starting after October half term.
In Year 2 phonics and spelling activites will be sent home weekly in preparation for a spelling test. Spelling tests will be a combination of dictated sentences and individual spelling words. Handwriting activities will be sent home weekly.

Numeracy Activities

Mathematics activities will be sent home weekly. This homework is valuable as a shared learning experience with an adult and does not always need to be written down.

You will find a form stapled to the inside back cover of your child's Reading Diary which records the Maths homework activity for each week.

The aim of these activities is to practise and reinforce work covered in class.

We make sure your child works very hard at school and homework is intended to enhance the learning taking place.
Homework that is returned to school will be verbally acknowledged and filed in your child’s homework folder.

For further curriculum information please refer to the termly Topic Webs available on our school website and also the whiteboards that are positioned outside each classroom.

Homework Time

Please see the links in the parent leaflet section within the Parent Zone.

There are some links to websites containing fun and educational games suitable for Reception and KS1 children in the Children's zone of our website.