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At Trumps Green Infant School, our intent is to provide a curriculum that is inclusive, allowing all children to access a range of activities which enables them to be physically active. We intend to deliver high quality teaching and learning opportunities that inspire children to succeed in physical education and in developing life skills. We want to teach children skills to keep them safe, such as being able to swim.  We also want to teach our children how to cooperate and collaborate with others as part of an effective team, understanding fairness of play to embed life-long values. Our curriculum aims to improve not only the fitness, but the wellbeing of all children at Trumps Green, through the sporting skills taught, as well as through the values and disciplines that PE promotes.


Trumps Green Infant School provides a clear and comprehensive scheme of work in line with the National Curriculum.

  • In KS1, pupils take part in three sessions of physical activity each week which provide challenge and enjoyable learning by using a range of sporting activities such as: games, gymnastics, swimming and dance. The EYFS has two formal PE session a week alongside the environmental physical environment of the EY curriculum. This focuses on fundamental movement skills, whereas KS1 move into more specific skills for sports and apply these in game situations.
  • Pupils are taught about how to handle equipment and move safely within gymnastics and games. Within lessons, there is an emphasis on pupils being able to achieve their personal best, building resilience. Pupils are taught how to play fairly, creating a sense of teamwork, friendship and respect. 
  • Subject vocabulary is reinforced by teachers, giving the pupil’s the correct terminology to carefully critique their own and other’s performance. Children are at the forefront and have direct impact on their learning within the lesson through pupil voice. They are given opportunities to work as experts in a variety of sports to ensure they are given chances to demonstrate good practice as well as the teacher modelling.
  • Professional coaches are on the playground to provide a wide range of inclusion lunchtime games and sporting activities as well as promoting positive play.   Lunch supervisors also support the pupils to be physical and provide the pupils with guided games. 
  • To ensure the children are physically active for 60 minutes a day, the children take part in active bursts and active learning throughout the day as well as regularly running ‘The Golden Mile’.
  • In year 2, the children will have access to compete against pupils from other schools in multi skills festivals, as well as participating at the local village fete, showcasing their maypole dancing skills.


Pupils’ progress within Physical Education is measured.

  • Reflecting on standards achieved against planned outcomes.
  • Lesson observations and planning scrutinies.
  • Pupil interviews to ascertain the pupil’s understanding of what they are learning within lessons.
  • Pupils having a voice within lessons to critique and feedback on their own and other’s performances.

It is our aim that by the end of KS1 the children should be competent in the core skills and to be physically ready for KS2 physical education.