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Religious Education (RE)


At Trumps Green Infant School, RE plays a significant role in the development of children’s spiritual, moral, social and cultural development. It promotes respect and open-mindedness towards others with different faiths and beliefs and encourages pupils to develop their sense of identity and belonging through self-awareness and reflection. At Trumps Green Infant School, the principle aim of teaching RE is to engage pupils in an enquiry approach where they can develop an understanding and appreciation for the expression of beliefs, cultural practices and influence of principle religions and worldviews in the local, national and wider global community.


  • The use of the Surrey Agreed Syllabus (revised and implemented) 2017-22. Units are allocated to each year group.           
  • For all lessons to build on knowledge, skills and understanding from previous lessons and prior learning in earlier year groups.
  • Foundation stage will cover 6 key questions, connected to the rest of the EYFS curriculum. These will build children’s understanding of the concepts of Specialness, Celebration and Belonging.
  • In Years 1 and 2, children will develop their knowledge of Christianity and aspects of Judaism and Islam. They will learn how religion and belief is expressed in many different ways.


During their RE learning, children will able to make links between their own lives and those of others in their community and in the wider world. The children will be developing an understanding of other people’s beliefs, cultures and ways of life, which they are then able to communicate to the wider community. RE offers the children the means by which to understand how other people choose to live and to understand why they choose to live that way. As such, RE is invaluable in our ever-changing world.