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Details of Governors

Details of our governors and associate members who have been in position during the past year are shown in the table below; A record of attendance at governor meetings during the school year 2017-18 is attached at the bottom of this page.

Governors currently serving

Name/type of governor Term of office

Date of appointment

Appointed  Governor positions/
Nominated Governor for: Relevant business/pecuniary interests

Rosemary Hucker

  1 December 2021 Local Authority




Sarah Morris

  1 September 2017 Local Authority & Governing body Headteacher    

Maggie Appleyard

4 yrs 24 June 2019 Local Authority Vice Chair

Reporting to LA


Headteacher appraisal

Pay committee


Pete Bailey

4 yrs 30 November 2021 Co-opted  



Claire Hayes

4 yrs 01 June 2022 Co-opted      
Kathleen Blain 4 yrs 28 April 2023 Co-opted      

Mirek Gliniecki

4 yrs 13 December 2021 Local Authority   Finance  

Helen Naylor

4 yrs 11 November 2021        

Louise Forshew

4 yrs 28 February 2022 Parent      

Fran Pollard

4 yrs 28 February 2022 Parent