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Our Governors

The Governing body was reconstituted in November 2014 as required by the School Governance (Constitution)(England) Regulations 2012. The Governing Body is comprised of an appointee of Surrey County Council, the Head Teacher, an elected staff representative, four elected parent governors and five co-opted governors.  One associate member with desirable skills has also been appointed as a full voting member of  the Learning Committee.

Under the provisions of recent legislation, the Governing Body has the responsibility to Surrey County Council’s Education Authority and parents for managing the school generally, including responsibility for staff appointments, approving the School Budget, disciplinary matters and ensuring that the National Curriculum is taught and religious education is provided.

The Governing Body is required to meet at least once every term.

Parents interested in becoming School Governors should inform the school and will be considered when new appointments are required. If there are more candidates than vacancies an election is held for parents to vote in a secret ballot. 

Our Governing Body

Our Governing Body
Parent Governors

Dr P Kadoo

Mrs E Wake

Two vacancies

Co-opted Governors

Mrs S Sobers

Ms C Salsbury

One vacancy

Surrey County Council Dr M Appleyard (Vice-Chair)
Staff Representative Ms L Peters
Head Teacher Miss S Morris
Associate Governors None

1 Co-opted  vacancy

2 Parent vacancies


For further infomation about our governors please click here.