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School Council

Our School Council consists of two elected pupil representatives from each class (one boy and one girl). They meet every half term to discuss how to make the school a better place and how to support others through charities.

In previous years they have chosen the following areas for them and the rest of the pupils to concentrate on:

  • How to make the school greener
  • Keeping the school buildings and grounds tidy
  • Trying to save energy by closing doors and reminding the adults to switch off lights
  • Collecting old balls, dog’s toys, old blankets and pet food which were taken to the RSPCA
  • Supporting the Addlestone Foodbank by collecting food to be donated to needy families
  •  “Doing something funny to raise lots of money” for Comic Relief
  •  Doing something sporty to raise money for Sports Relief

At a recent  meeting the School Council looked at our school anti-bullying policy and talked about what was important to make our school a friendly safe place. This resulted in them making their very own version which they called ‘Our Kindness List’.

Our Kindness List

  • We will always use kind words
  • We will use gentle, helpful hands and share nicely
  • We will always include everyone and ask them to join us if they are on their own
  • We will always respect and look after school property
  • We will listen and respect our teachers and friends
  • We will always use kind words when we send messages
  • We will support and help our friends in their learning
  • We will help our friends if they have been hurt
  • We will tell the teachers if our friends need help
  • We support everyone’s differences and beliefs
  • We will always be polite and use our manners