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Using Photographic Images of Children - Consent Form

Sometimes we take photographs or videos of children when they are involved in the activities of our organisation. We may use the pictures or video recordings for our own use and to promote the work of the organisation in the media and on our website. To comply with GDPR 2018 we need your permission to photograph or make any recordings of your child.

Please read the following consent form and fact sheet with your child. Once you have answered the questions below, please return the form to the School Office.

I confirm that I have read the attached fact sheet on the use of photographs and videos in Trumps Green Infant School.*
Please check box if you agree*
I understand the following (please tick)*

I have read and understood the organisation’s policy. My decision on whether to give consent will remain valid for the duration of my child’s involvement in the organisation unless I notify the School Office in writing.