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Governor Committees

Role of Governing Body Committees

Governor’s committees are the mechanism for allowing governors to get to grips with certain areas of their work in far more detail than is practical at full governing body meetings.

The committee structure facilitates wider participation on the part of governors.  It is in committees that governors have the opportunity to review, question and to challenge the information that has been provided by the school.  Governor’s committees work within terms of reference that have been agreed by the full governing body.  The terms of reference may include responsibility to consider policies, targets, results and many other sources of information put before them.  It is for the committees to fully consider these and make recommendations to the full governing body as to what actions are needed.  The valuable work that committees do should enable full governing body meetings to be well informed and more productive.

Work done by committees should be open to scrutiny, but not revisited by the full governing body meeting in huge detail. Committees are entrusted with responsibility to perform a task and this should be respected.  Committees are open to all governors to attend, though only members of the committee may vote.

A more detailed appreciation of the role of a particular committee can be obtained by looking at the terms of reference of the committee which are attached as downloadable acrobat files at the bottom of the page.

TGIS Governor Committees

The committees are:

Learning Committee

Acting Chair: Ms M Appleyard
The role of the Learning Committee is to ensure that the needs of individual children are met both in terms of their academic and personal development.
The committee’s workload includes the strategic overview of all matters relating to the children’s academic and personal development. The committee reviews the analysis of each year’s SATs results, compares performance against published targets at each Key Stage and agrees future targets. This committee plays a major part in the curriculum-related issues within the School Development Plan. The Every Child Matters framework and its successful delivery is also the responsibility of this committee. Feedback from governor visits is made to the learning committee. The committee also has delegated responsibility for the review and approval of curriculum-based policies, which are then passed on to the full governing body for adoption.

Finance Committee

Acting Chair: Ms  M Appleyard

The Finance committee has responsibility for strategic oversight of the school’s finances.
The Bursar reports to the committee at every meeting on the current financial position of the school.  The committee is involved in formulating and approving the draft budget and associated expenditure plans each year before they are presented to the full governing body for adoption.  This committee also agrees the annual staffing structure, which is developed to ensure children’s needs are fully met.

Health , Safety Welfare and Premises Committee 

The HSW&P Committee has delegated responsibility for the strategic oversight of premises issues including Health and Safety and Suitability and Condition: The committee conducts termly inspections of the premises and grounds, prepares a statement of priorities for maintenance and development to be considered as part of the Operational Development Plan  and approves costs and arrangements for maintenance, repairs and redecoration within the budget allocation. The committee is also involved in monitoring the preparation and implementation of contracts in liaison with the Finance Committee, ensuring the school complies with Health and Safety regulations including an annual fire risk inspection and electrical safety inspections, ensuring the Governors responsibility regarding litter under the Environment Protection Act 1990 are discharged, and reviewing the Health and Safety Policy for approval by the Governing Body.

Personnel & Performance Management /Pay Review Committee

Acting Chair: Ms M Appleyard and Ms C Salisbury
The Committee has delegated responsibility for strategic oversight of staffing issues, including ensuring the school complies with appropriate employment law, ensuring the school is actively engaged in workforce reform, and ensuring all school staff feel valued for their contribution. They are also involved in reviewing staffing levels, approving job descriptions as necessary, appointing teaching and non teaching staff and reviewing and monitoring the schools Appraisal Policy. The Pay Committee has fully delegated powers to implement the Pay Policy with reference to staffing and financial budget plans.

PR Committee

Governor: Elaine Wake
The PR Committee has delegated responsibility for all Public Relations related matters affecting the school including press releases, the school website including prospectus information and article for the local magazines and social media.  They also liaise with the full Governing Body re the Admissions Policy and monitor Friends of Trumps Green events and other school events.